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Greenhead Clinic

Greenhead Clinic is a Thai traditional medical clinic registered legally for the use of hemp and cannabis in health care. Our Thai traditional doctor will provide advice, care, and treatments with our expert team that can give specific information to cannabis users for a proper use.

Greenhead Clinic provides a one-stop service and a wide range of hemp and cannabis products and services - all cannabis solutions for anyone that needs our help or advice. Products and services at Greenhead Clinic are cannabis flowers, CBD oil, THC oil, edibles such as brownies, jelly, scones, cookies, as well as cannabis cosmetics product with selected hemp and cannabis products as significant ingredients, smoking accessories, Thai traditional medicine, issuing of medical cannabis patients’ cards and cannabis flushing from the body.

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Over 19 branches of Greenhead Clinic

Greenhead Clinic


Greenhead Clinic have 19 branches in Thailand

  • Southern regions 11 branches
  • Central regions 6 branches
  • Northern regions 2 branches

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis

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  • Relief of chronic pain/Office Syndrome

    Office Syndrome is a behavioral disease Improper
    sitting behavior, such as sitting in front of the computer in the same

  • Treatment for glaucoma

    Glaucoma can be found at any age.
    But it is more common in people over 50 years of age

  • Anxiety Disorder

    is a mental disorder that is more severe than naturally
    occurring anxiety Patients with anxiety

  • Reduce nausea Vomiting from chemotherapy

    Nabilone and Dronabinol are synthetic THC

  • Insomnia

    Insomnia is a problem that can be found
    at any age and can occur frequently,

  • Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

    This disease often occurs in females
    more than males. At present, the exact cause

Medical cannabis

consultation by Thai traditional doctor

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